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Boston RedSox Are Fired up for the 2013 Season


When you mention Major League Baseball one particular team comes to mind - The Boston Red Sox. The team has become immensely popular among fans thanks in part to their long storied rivalry with the New York Yankees. Boston Red Sox Tickets sell out annoyingly fast on TicketVistas every time the team is playing against the Yankees and have always drawn in a huge crowd to the famous Fenway Park on game day.

The 2013 season will bring a lot of changes for the Red Sox and inside sources say that the Yawkey Way offices are packed with organizational charts and analysts trying to build a better, more efficient team for the new season.

The Red Sox have a new manager for the second straight season. As compared to recently departed coach Bobby Valentine, John Farrell brings in a lot more experience to the popular franchise team which is good considering the overall equation. The Red Sox are looking to make full use of Farrell's expertise and are hoping that it will make a huge difference in their game tactics.


New additions have been made on the 40-man roster. First baseman Mike Napoli whose three-year $39 million contract is still pending along with outfielders Jonny Gomes and Shane Victorino will be looking to make an impact this coming season. Also worth mentioning are shortstop Stephen Drew, closer Joel Hanrahan with Ryan Dempster on rotation.

General Manager Ben Cherington knew that he had to overhaul the team after it experienced its worst summer season since 1965.

Surrounding the established and powerful lineup of David Ortiz, Clay Buchholz, Dustin Pedroia, Jacoby Ellsbury and Jon Lester is third baseman Will Middlebrooks who was on his way to a fantastic rookie season in the big league before breaking his wrist.

At a time when the Angels have acquired Josh Hamilton and the Dodgers have signed Zack Greinke, the Red Sox are making strategic moves that might not be visible to everyone. GM Cherington said, "We're trying to add to the team and improve the team in as many areas as we can without being as focused on the headline and being as focused as we can on improving the team and building the roster in as many areas as we can. We're trying to build as deep a team as we can and filling the clubhouse with guys we can believe in and building the team that way. We're going to continue to try to do that. The proof will be in the pudding. We'll see if we can execute it enough".

The former World Series winners are currently facing a difficult time as they haven't had a single postseason win for 4 consecutive years now and they are certainly looking to change that. The super famous MLB team is in high spirits and is looking towards the 2013 season with optimism. Despite their recent failures Boston Red Sox Tickets continue to be a hot item on renowned website TicketVistas. Fans can support their team by purchasing Cheap MLB Tickets and cheering the Red Sox to regain their former glory.

01/02/2013 00:50:10
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