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All Hail the Lion King

Tickets for Lion King the musical were being sold for a discount on popular website TicketVistas so I finally decided to go watch this critically acclaimed Broadway musical at the Minskoff Theater located in New York City, and it's safe to conclude that it was way better than what I had expected.

I had been a fan of the original Disney blockbuster and to be honest I didn't think the stage version would be able to experience the same success its big screen version did. But boy I was wrong. Lion King the musical gave me full bang for my buck and then some.
The musical manages to capture the same majestic grandeur which made the animated version a phenomenal success back in the mid 90's. Lion King the musical features brilliant music and lyrics and breathtaking stage that accurately mimics the vibrant backdrop of the Pridelands.
The question to ask is how did the production team manage to make a musical out of a classic Disney animated movie about animals, or more accurately how did they bring animated animals to life? The answer is breakthrough special effects and magnificent costumes. In order to portray wild African animals on stage performers wore headdresses and life sized puppets controlled by stilts were used to give the illusion of large animals.
Words don't even do justice to how incredible the effects are. Lion King's stage adaptation has to be seen to be believed.With reviews like "Lion King is to sons and fathers what Wicked is to mothers and daughters" this show has become a must watch and a presentation of this marvelous Broadway production shouldn't be missed by the loyal theater loving audience.

The show has been especially popular with children who can't seem to get enough of it because of its ability to appeal to their imagination by breathing life into beloved Disney characters Timon, Pumba and of course the Lion King himself Simba.
With a pair of Cheap Lion King Tickets, one can experience all that and more. The show takes you on a nostalgic journey and the audience once again witnesses the curiosity filled adventures of a young lion cub, the loss of his father Mufasa and his eventual return to reclaim his throne and face his uncle Scar in combat.
Lion King the musical will be a huge treat for your kids. You can make up big time for missing their soccer game or recital.
02/08/2013 03:55:34
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